About Heating Oil – Long Island

When it comes to home heating in Long Island, New York there is a choice between using oil or gas as fuel. You have to make sure that you select the right fuel that is more beneficial to you and your family. Home heating can be very costly which is necessary to choose the right kind of fuel that will help you and your family stay warm as well as save money. The best solution is to use oil as the number one option. Searching for oil companies Long Island that offer 24/7 delivery? Romeo’s Fuel is open 24/7 ñ including all major holidays. Give us a call today to schedule your next oil delivery.

Long Island residence are finding heating oil as the most beneficial and useful type of fuel for home heating. They find it extremely cost effective compared to using natural gas. They both serve the same purpose when it deals with keeping you and your family warm. There is also other ways to keep warm, by make sure that your using the right equipment and your walls are completely insulated. This way you are not using up to much of the fuel.


The cost of both gas and oil have decreased through the years, but the oil has been the most cost effective out of the two. This is why many people living in Long Island are choosing to use oil instead of natural gas. The reason why gas is becoming more pricey is due to increase cost in shipment. Many foreign countries are highly relying on natural gas for transportation and power. That is why many people are finding ways to avoid using up too much energy so they can minimize the cost of using either type of fuel. For more information, visit heating oil long island.

flameAnother reason why most residents prefers using heating oil is due to safety reasons compared to gas. At least with oil you do not have to worry about the likeliness of explosion to occur in your homes which is definitely not a good thing. You also do not want to take a chance of having carbon monoxide poisoning in your homes. At least with heating oil it is completely sealed and it takes a lot for this substance to cause an explosion. And when it comes to carbon monoxide poisoning, this kind of fuel will release smoke to warn you in advance. It is extremely more safe to use heating oil than natural gas. Which is why it is more beneficial to people. We have been using their Long Island heating oil for a few years now, and we have found that they are always professional and have some of the lowest prices in the area.

Heating oil is also being produced with low sulfur which is one of the major reason why it is the most cost effective fuel. With ultra low sulfur heating benefits in heating machinery because it will make it last longer with less maintenance. You are making it easier for your heating equipment to run efficiently which does not require you to adjust and overuse. Since it produces less emission and it is eco-friendly as well. Your heating equipment will be the most cleanest and anti-pollutant machine running in your home.

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