Why Is Heating Oil Better?

With heating oil it produces Bioheat which is extremely safer for the environment compared to heating gas. That is what makes heating oil more useful due to the fact that it benefits earth and everyone. Your pretty much helping to keep the earth clean from pollution as well. With heating gas it causes major pollution and it is a more toxic type of substance.

environmentalThe reason why heating gas is more bad for the environment because it is made of harsh chemicals that is bad for your health, especially the poisonous substance it leaves behind. There has been cases of leakage when it comes to transferring gas to different places. There has been studies that reveals that gas are more harmful compared to coals.

Another reason why people in Long Island are preferring heating oil is due to freedom of choice. They have more options when it comes to switching on where they want to get their oil. Unlike gas, there is only one place they can get it. They have very poor customer service which gives them less freedom to switch to somewhere else. They also take really long to assist their customers which they have to wait for days for their services.

Both oil and gas are equally an abundance in supply. However, when it comes to better service, freedom of choice, healthy living and cost effectiveness than heating oil is the number one choice. Also the fact that it helps benefit them in the long run at the same time. It is no wonder why many people in Long Island are choosing heating oil as there only choice for fuel supply in their homes.